Communiqué USA 2015 Team Retreat

On October 29th and 30th, the Communiqué USA team gathered at the Dahlonega Spa Resort for our 2015 Retreat. This year’s retreat theme was “The Power of Team Work.” Both days were filled with challenging team-building activities, celebrating the past year’s accomplishments, and planning for 2016.

IMG_1782 (2)

To kick-off the retreat, our team was challenged to some energizing team-building activities at Camp Glisson. The values of teamwork, communication and leadership were taught through each team-building exercise. We also took time to connect as a team and share in each other’s successes during a celebration dinner.


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With the company’s recent growth spurt this year, the retreat allowed the team to spend quality time together, strengthening relationships with one another, while disconnecting from the daily hustle and bustle. This time of reflection, relaxation and fellowship gave the Communiqué USA team a chance to revitalize and prepare for continued growth in 2016.