Shani Godwin is an entrepreneur, author, speaker and LIVE. WORK. PLAY. enthusiast who is committed to helping organizations (and their people) excel through innovative work/life integration strategies and solutions. As a highly sought-after speaker, Shani leverages real-life learning moments from experiences that have propelled her start-up company to a 15-year, thriving enterprise. Affectionately known as ‘Chief Joy Officer,’ she explores topics such as boundary-setting, people over profits and passion-driven work.
Shani is creator and host of Joy Economics: Creating Better Ways to Live.Work.Play.SM radio show, which showcases dynamic business leaders, sought-after employees and everyday people who want to redefine success on their own terms so that they can produce more wealth, happiness and success in their day-to-day lives.
As CEO of Communiqué USA, Shani safeguards the company’s mission to create healing in the world by helping people find more joy at work so they can experience more peace and love in their lives. This continues to be a guidepost for Communiqué and is central to her speaking platform.

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At our core, we help our team and clients optimize work/life integration through services and expertise that frees them up to focus on what matters most in life.”


Shani Godwin
President & CEO
Communiqué USA

Speaker Topics:
  • Taking a Stand: How to Honor Yourself in Business By Taking Care of What Matters Most
  • The Business of Health & Wellness Programs
  • Designing a Winning Corporate Culture
  • People Over Profits
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Getting out of Your Way in Business and Life
  • Do’s and Don’ts in Employee Communications