S2:E12 Creating Space

“You gotta get clear and you gotta create space, and if you don’t create space, you can’t get clear.” ~ Kelly Burton CEO, Founders of Color Available on: In this episode of Joy Economics, we chat with Dr. Kelly Burton, the brainchild behind Founders of Color, a digital platform helping minority-owned businesses scale and grow. […]

S2:E11 The “M” Word

“Resilience, that is something that I think is THE most important thing any parent, anybody should look to develop is that—resilience and the ability to bounce back.” Amanda Hammett CEO Millennial Translator Available on: According to the United Nation’s Population Division by the year 2020 millennials are forecast to make up 35% of the global […]

S2:E10 Walking Into My Destiny

“Failure is a function of not trying to me. It’s not a function of I tried it and failed. It’s a function of I sat on the sidelines and I didn’t get in the game.” Shani Godwin CEO Communiqué USA, Inc. Available on: According to the United Nation’s Population Division by the year 2020 millennials […]

S2:E9 Woman Owned

“I have a special saying. It’s a quote by Madeline Albright, which is, ‘There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.’” Roz Lewis President & CEO Greater Women’s Business Council Communiqué USA, Inc. Available on: For this show, we’re revisiting a most-engaging conversation from Season 1 with Roz Lewis, President […]

S2:E8 All I Want for Christmas

“People spend a lot of money during the holidays, but you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make things look or feel great.” Stephanie Walters Lifestyle specialist in Hampton Roads, VA and Two special young fans of the show Kyla Young and Chase Miller Available on: We’re getting into the holiday spirit with a throwback […]

S2:E7 After The Show: Bonus Episode

“What does it look like if you get on an elevator and you’ve got to very quickly share the vision and the problem you’re trying to solve in a quick amount of time?” Shane Benson VP, Operator Support &Organizational Planning, Chick-fil-A, Inc. and Co-founder of Launch YOUniversity. Available on: This bonus episode of Joy Economics […]

S2:E6 Reimagining Africa

“I’m very clear on what I was put on this earth to do now. I know that I’m here to reimagine Africa through literacy and leadership, and everything I do is for that reason.” Jean Adero Founder, Read Across Africa Available on: Jean Adero believes her “soul” purpose in life is to reimagine her home […]

S2:E5 Becky A. Davis: The Real MVP

“As I was stepping into my power, I got so fearful of it. I got fearful of what was about to happen. I got fearful of the exposure that it was causing, and I started to step away.” Becky A. Davis Chief BOSSpreneur® MVPWork, LLC. Available on: Becky Davis was in her early 20’s when […]