Live. Work. Play. Philosophy

Our vision is to create more joy in the world by helping people find better ways to live, work and play. And by hiring the best talent and assigning them to clients whose interests, expertise and life goals align, we’ve found that our clients are happier, our employees are more productive and we are able to cultivate healthy and productive organizations. We’re proving the ability to yield higher ROI through employee happiness, productivity and engagement, one project at a time!

Building A Live. Work. Play. Culture


The Cost Of Stress On Your Bottom Line

Did you know?

  • Stress costs US Companies $300 Billion Dollars in productivity losses.
  • For every $1 you invest in employee health and wellness your organization’s bottom line realizes $1.50 in return.
  • Employees who are given space and time to enjoy life, return tangible and intangible value to the organization by way of greater focus, increased productivity and general happiness.

Let us help you improve your employee happiness score and see what company wellness can do for your productivity and bottom line!


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– Author, Speaker and Live.Work.Play Enthusiast

Shani Godwin is an entrepreneur, author, speaker and LIVE. WORK. PLAY. enthusiast who is committed to helping organizations (and their people) excel through innovative work/life integration strategies and solutions. As a highly sought-after speaker, Shani leverages real-life learning moments from experiences that have propelled her start-up company to a 15-year, thriving enterprise. Affectionately known as ‘Chief Joy Officer,’ she explores topics such as boundary-setting, people over profits and passion-driven work.
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