“It goes back to work-life balance. When you have a job that’s that intense, you really really must have some level of life outside of work.”

Terrez Thompson
Vice President OF Global Supplier Diversity
The Coca-Cola Company

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For this episode we’re heading to the Joy Jar. This is a tradition on Joy Economics where we ask guests to pull a random question from our Joy Jar to provide additional insight on topics like their childhood, career adventures and favorite things. The answers to these questions help us learn the unexpected about our leaders and find relatable experiences that connect us and inspire us to explore the deepest parts of ourselves.

On this episode, our guests will answer three questions:

Question #1:  What was your first job, what did it teach you, and how did it motivate you to create the world you currently live in?

We’ll hear insightful answers to this question from Dana Lupton, Co-founder and CEO of Moving in the Spirit, David Farmer, VP of Restaurant Experience at Chick-fil-A, Inc. and Co-founder of Launch Youniversity, and Becky Davis, Chief BOSSpreneur®.

Question #2:  What do you most dislike about your job and why?

Even if you love your job, we all have something that bothers us from time to time. We’ll hear answers to this questions from Terrez Thompson, Vice President OF Global Supplier Diversity at The Coca-Cola Company and Shane Benson, VP OF Operator Support & Organizational Planning at Chick-fil-A, Inc and Co-founder of Launch Youniversity.

Question #3:  This last question is all about how you would like to spend your time and the daily choices we can all make that add up to creating more joy in our lives.

We close out the show with fun answers from Dr. Kelly Burton, Chief Executive Officer of Founders of Color and Adrion Porter, founder and host of the podcast Gen X Amplified.