“Failure is a function of not trying to me. It’s not a function of I tried it and failed. It’s a function of I sat on the sidelines and I didn’t get in the game.”

Shani Godwin
Communiqué USA, Inc.

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According to the United Nation’s Population Division by the year 2020 millennials are forecast to make up You hear her bright voice every time you tune in to a Joy Economics podcast, but who is Shani Godwin? Guest host, David Harris, provides the questions that introduce us to the voice behind the mic.

Learn what makes this successful entrepreneur tick and what’s helped shape her vision of a corporate America defined by people over profits. Godwin speaks honestly and frankly about overcoming fear, her own mental illness and the importance of love and defining purpose in one’s life.

Finally, you’ll understand how she is putting her Joy Economics philosophy into practice and how you can, too. Walk away with practical insights sure to help you realize your true potential on your own terms!