“Being able to admit that you don’t know or you might need help automatically just puts you in a position to receive things that you would have been shut off to otherwise. So I think the openness that comes with humility is really important.”

~ Meghan Lynch
President and CEO, Six-Point Creative

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Humility is a hard pill to swallow when you are running a business, but it’s in those tough moments where you find opportunities for growth. In this episode of Joy Economics, we chat with Meghan Lynch, President and CEO of Six-Point Creative, to learn just what it takes to find confidence in your business again, and how you can apply that same principle to your own professional journey.

Meghan shares the insights she’s gained from working as a brand strategist and helping second stage companies move past their feelings of stagnation. She also explains how her company’s Solve for Y method leverages the power of improv and the magic words “Yes, and …” to positively impact growth and find the joy and ease in any situation.