“I have a higher purpose. My life is not just to be here, have a job, for the normal boxes people tick. I have this faith that I’m here for a greater purpose.”

Toyin Adon-Abel, Jr.
Founder & Creative Director,  Meddling Minds Agency

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Toyin Adon-Abel Jr. is a bona fide meddler. He is not afraid or worried about sticking his nose into the business of big brands and challenging them to use their influence for the greater good. Toyin is also an experienced marketer, with years of corporate experience helping enterprises build robust lead generation systems and processes. Toyin is now on a mission to combine his marketing and his meddling skills which is why he started Meddling Minds Agency, a network of socially conscious professionals and creatives leveraging the power of marketing to help aspirational brands find purpose and empower communities. Listen to his story on this episode of Joy Economics.