When You Don’t Have Time — There’s Communiqué USA

We know you need flexibility. So, whether you need just a little bit of support or a LOT – we will work with your company in every capacity that will best serve your needs and help you shine. From managing an entire project to overseeing a single component, our talented team members will relieve you of the daily pressures of getting it all done. And we’ll be where you need us to be—whether working remotely or sitting next to you every single day until the job is done. We bend so that you can breathe.




















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Our unique and innovative approach to doing business in a balanced environment was developed by our President & CEO Shani Godwin. Today, Shani travels the country educating corporate teams on the value of creating work/life balance initiatives and the impact they can have on an organization’s bottom line. Find out more about Joy Economics.


At our core, we help our team and clients optimize work/life integration through services and expertise that frees them up to focus on what matters most in life.”


Shani Godwin
President & CEO
Communiqué USA