Who We Are

Providing Marketing Staffing, Creative Services, and HR Communications Solutions

Since opening the doors in 2002, Communiqué USA Inc. has been providing marketing project relief and support to stressed out, overworked marketing departments throughout Atlanta and around the country. By providing Marketing Staffing, Creative Services and HR Communications solutions, we are able to be that beacon of light on the shore, helping our customers to operate more efficiently and effectively and with a greater sense of well-being.

Although solving marketing and communications challenges is our first line of support, at our core, we are also passionate champions of creating work/life balance. We go HARD during business hours, but once we close our laptops for the day, we engage fully in our activities and lives outside of the office–and we try to inspire everyone in our community to do the same!

Why Communiqué USA?

Our Culture 
Our commitment to health and wellbeing is at the foundation of all we do. With wellness driven initiatives woven directly into the core of our organization, we walk the walk of balanced living! And by encouraging and supporting volunteerism, flex hours and workspaces and other activities that inspire work/life balance, our LIVE. WORK. PLAY. philosophy is more than a notion—it’s our way of life!

Our Experience, Expertise and Approach
Our experience and dedication have empowered the organization to grow from a one-woman start-up, to a profitable, respected organization. Moreover, our seamless client engagement and stellar client service along with our best-in-class talent pool are the keys that help us continue to grow while we help grow your bottom line.

Our Focus
We treat every project as if we’ve been training for it our entire lives. Our team members are specialized, marketing heavy-hitters who are thoughtfully assigned to your project because of their fit, both in skill set and disposition. They will be in the trenches with you every step of the way, ensuring that your project is executed flawlessly and that you stay sane during the process.

Our Reputation and Connections
We regard and nurture our professional relationships with the same spirit and diligence that we manage our personal ones. Staying connected and active with allied organizations, community partners and economic development activities, has enabled us to remain aligned with our respected clients and afforded us the opportunity to receive some prestigious recognition for our work.

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