One of Few American Companies to Ban Emails After 7 p.m., CEO Shani Godwin is Helping Women and
Businesses Optimize the Sum of Their Parts

ATLANTA – Atlanta-based Communiqué USA, Inc., announced today its Joy Economics: Creating Better Ways to Live.Work.Play.SM initiative created to enlighten and equip people with innovative work/life integration strategies that breed more happiness, productivity and meaning in life and work. Joy EconomicsSM includes a podcast of the same name and the Joy Economics Speaker Series.

“A series of learning moments-in-life forced me to take a look at what happens when all the roles I take on become larger than ME,” said Shani Godwin, president and CEO of Communiqué USA and live-work-play enthusiasts. “After hitting life’s snooze button for short while, I emerged with my book The Love Project and a fierce commitment to help others optimize success by taking care of what matters most.”

TUNING IN TO JOY Economics: Creating Better Ways to Live.Work.Play. Upbeat, inspiring and light hearted, Joy Economics radio program showcases dynamic business leaders, sought after employees and everyday people from all aspects of business, community and life who want to redefine success on their own terms so that they can produce more wealth, happiness and success in their day-to-day. Entrepreneur, Blogger and author Godwin extends her message to business and community organizations across the nation speaking and training on topics including boundary-setting, people over profits and passion-driven work, among others including:

Live. Work. Play. In Action
With a variety of recent studies pointing to diminished personal lives linked to after-hours work, Communiqué has long-since discouraged emails after 7 p.m. or on weekends and has been recognized in an article titled Meet the U.S. Company that Beat France to the Email Ban Idea for its company policies that puts its philosophy in action. A recent graduate of the acclaimed Godman Sachs 10K Small Business program where she was lauded for her company vision to heal the world by helping people find more joy at work, Godwin’s company has been providing marketing relief and support to stressed-out, overworked marketing departments through staffing support, creative services and HR communications solutions for more than 15 years.

Whether it’s as keynote, workshop presenter, team-building facilitator or panelist, Godwin is the perfect additive for any organization looking to transform the way we live and work. To book Shani Godwin for an event, contact Kim Brown at