“You may not believe what I believe. We may respectfully disagree; but it is really important to have a posture of openness and respect.”

Dana Lupton
Co-Founder and CEO,Moving in the Spirit

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Dana Lupton’s love affair with dance has taken her from the first housing project in Atlanta, Georgia to the Gold Room of the White House. Along the way, she overcomes her own childhood prejudices, discovers the meaning of selfless mentorship, and co-founds a youth-development non-profit, “Moving in the Spirit” that is dedicated to creating compassionate leaders through dance.

In this powerful interview with Joy Economics host Shani Godwin, Dana provides an intimate look into her own personal and professional struggles with finding her purpose in life and offers some simple steps we can all take to live the life we’re meant to live.

Beyond offering inspiration, Dana shows us how much our body tells others about ourselves and teaches us how dance can be the perfect antidote to the daily workday grind. So, listen in and get ready to stand up, stand tall and inject new balance, energy and positivity into your day!