“We really felt like everybody needed to be a custodian of culture through art … Art is a part of our culture; It’s a part of who we are.”

Omari Henderson
Co-OwnerZuCot Gallery

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What does engineering have to do with art?  If you ask Omari and Onage Henderson, they’ll say everything. Engineering is all about mindset- you must be curious and enjoy taking educated risks. This valuable experience served them well when they branched out into the art business. The end-result is their co-ownership of the “Zucot Fine Arts Gallery”, the largest African American art gallery in the southeast and one of only 62 such locations in the United States.

Accomplishing this feat was no easy task. In this interview, Joy Economics host, Shani Godwin, will find out how these brothers were able to balance their day jobs in the corporate world with the growing demands of their side hustle. They’ll provide candid insights on the successes and failures that shaped their journey. And the brothers will also talk about how they’re pulling back the curtain on the “gallery experience” and sharing it with a whole new generation of communities of color.

Get your paintbrushes and thinking caps on so you, too, can turn your passions into a masterpiece.