“I’m very clear on what I was put on this earth to do now. I know that I’m here to reimagine Africa through literacy and leadership, and everything I do is for that reason.”

Jean Adero
Founder, Read Across Africa

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Jean Adero believes her “soul” purpose in life is to reimagine her home country of Africa. At face value this sounds like a monumental proposition. Not for Jean Adero, the founder and brainchild behind the youth literacy non-profit, Read Across Africa.

In this powerful interview, host, Shani Godwin, unveils the many trials and tribulations Jean had to endure to realize her vision of founding a library in her community in Africa. We will travel back in time to witness the countless obstacles Jean had to overcome to make it to America and achieve her educational and professional goals. Along the way, we will learn about Jean’s five life priorities and how they have helped her realize, sustain, and grow her vision.

Listeners will also learn about the Read Across Africa initiative, the various programs it offers to children in Kisumu, Africa and how you, too, can get involved and make a difference!